Organic Powdered Peanut Butter & The End of Summer

Holy cow, I haven’t blogged in FOREVER! Between going to the beach and getting ready for my LAST year of school, I’ve been on-the-go constantly. I can hardly believe that the summer is coming to an end; I’m already seeing Halloween decorations in the store and Christmas (I KNOW!) recipes on Pinterest. Did someone put life on fast forward?

In preparation for school, I always stock up on groceries that I can’t get when away at school— Wal-Mart is as diverse as it gets and not exactly a Mecca of healthy choices. So yesterday my friend and I attacked the natural/organic food section of Wegman’s. Our cart was filled of oddities from kelp noodles to Hugo Chocolate Pretzel bars, but my favorite discovery was organic powdered peanut butter! Ironic that it’s called Just Great Stuff (because I agree!)?

It’s like astronaut peanut butter! Why I love it? It’s organic. It’s 45 heavenly calories per 2 tablespoons (unlike 190-200 calories for the regular stuff) AND it’s perfect for my breakfast shakes! Shakeology Chocolate plus Peanut Butter = ABSOLUTE HEAVEN! I’ve tried regular peanut butter and it works fine but the powdery stuff doesn’t stick to the spoon. Its looks may be deceiving but it really does taste identical (minus a slight creaminess) to the real stuff. If you want it on toast, just add water (seriously)! The only thing that I’m not a fan of is the price. At $7.99, it’s more than a tad more than its oilier counterpart.

I’m still on my Shakeology kick and mixed up a yumtastic PB Chocolate shake. I actually added so much ice that I made enough to fill a bowl so I ate it like cereal or maybe soup. REGARDLESS, it was great. As for my trial of Shakeology, I didn’t take it to the beach so I have about a week of mix left. I have to say that I did miss it on vacation but the price is still the main factor keeping me from a life of Shakes.

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