My Shakeology Review: Week 2

So it’s approaching the end of week 2 of my Shakeology experience and I’ve been very diligent if I do say so myself, I have not skipped a day of my power powder (gosh, that could be misinterpreted). I’ve been subbing my shake for breakfast along with a piece of fruit which totals around 250 calories, so I’m no longer starving mid-morning. I have to admit that I sometimes miss the comfort of having my hot oatmeal but I’ve gotten crafty with different shake recipes so break fast has yet to be boring. I’ve also started adding an insane amount of ice to make it thicker; therefore, keeping me fuller and making it more like a milkshake (win/win!) 😀

I EVEN brought my Shakeology with me to a wedding this past weekend (above are pictures from the pier outside our hotel room!). Again, no blender (geez, do they make pocket blenders? I may need to make an investment), so I had to combine it with water and mix by hand (by “mix” I mean shake vigorously– picture the Shake Weight commercial)  in my Nalgene bottle. Not the most ideal situation and some of the powder got stuck to the sides of the bottle and was being really stubborn. Now picture this, my boyfriend and I are at McDonald’s… he’s eating a McDouble with fries… onlookers are enjoying their Big Macs with nuggets and I’m determined as ever trying to scrape my Shakeology power off the sides of my bottle with a coffee stirrer (a McStirrer). I have to admit that plain water & Shakeology powder (minus a blender) isn’t the most delicious combination; however, though liquidity, I made use of my surrounding resources and utilized ice from the soda machine and a sugar packet. I definitely recommend a blender for all shakes unless you’re going to make cookies, pie or oatmeal– those are all great alternatives!

So everyone is asking me what differences I’ve noticed so far and honestly this is a tough question. Let me list you my thoughts, here are the positives (+) :

  • I hands down notice a difference in my energy level. I’m no longer groggy and don’t need coffee to put pep in my step but I drink it anyways because I love it unconditionally. I can easily go to the gym after work and not feel run down.
  • I know that I’m getting a TON of vitamins and nutrients.
  • Maybe it’s the mental aspect of taking it, but I do feel more “nourished” if that’s the correct terminology.
  • It gets an A++ for taste!

Since the shake hasn’t hurt me at all, I’m not going to say there are negatives but here are the disadvantages (-) I suppose:

  • I haven’t really lost nor gained weight. Minus this past weekend where I enjoyed myself some great wedding food, I’ve been the same weight. It’s not as if I have a lot of weight to lose but I’m just making a note especially since I’m using it as a meal replacement. I’m also eating between 1200-1500 calories/day depending on my activity level that day.
  • I’m still not seeing the hype about it. Now don’t get me wrong, it tastes great and I’m getting a TON of health benefits that I would not be getting otherwise, but since I was a decently healthy prior I’d say I feel a 9  instead of a a prior 8.
  • Like I said, Shakeology is helping me if anything, but I need to see if it’s $119/month-helping-me since I’m already a healthy eater before and during the Shakeology experience.

HELP! I feel like I’m in a relationship with a nice guy that I love but I’m not “in love” with, ya know? Mind you this is only my second week and I have 30 days SO I’m almost halfway through to see if I’m in love. I’m going to research cheaper alternatives because I want to keep all options open and be as honest as I can in my experience. But I will say this, Shakeology really does pack in the nutritional benefits so finding something 100% comparable probably won’t be possible; however, I’m going to check to see if there’s anything with a majority of the vitamins. I’ll keep you posted! :)

What was your experience with Shakeology?

Were you skeptical at first but ended up loving it?

Not loving it?

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