Ander’s Basil-Lentil Burger Recipe

Happy Friday the 13th! 

OooooOooo– that’s my best ghost noise. Any who, pescetarianism has encouraged me to get quite crafty in the kitchen and try things that I wouldn’t normally concoct  on a typical week night— for example my basil lentil burgers (my self 3 years ago would be rolling her eyes in mid-chew from her Big Mac) . I also work with a lot of great people who share my love of clean eating so I’ve gotten some really good recipes from them as well! So I’m cooking almost every night (I don’t consider my microwave as cooking, though sometimes it’s the only “cooking” I do at school) which is great but I’m also eating more than I usually do. I’m still fighting a continuous battle with my portion distortion and the scale this morning confirmed that I need to step up my game; however, I feel good which is ultimately the most important thing.

A woman at work brought in a Lentil-Walnut burger for lunch and gave me a nibble, it was A. Ma. Zing. The wheels in my head started to turn and I thought hey, I have a college degree. I could make this. So when I got home, I broke out my food processor and some lentils. My basil plants were overdue for a good picking so I decided to sub that in for the walnuts.

Here’s the recipe I created (T= tablespoon, t = teaspoon):

Ander’s Basil-Lentil Burger Recipe

1 1/2 C of lentils

2/3 panko bread crumbs

4 egg whites

2 T garlic powder

2 t black pepper flakes

2 t ground oregano

4 t ground cumin

1 C fresh basil

Salt & pepper to taste

Blend everything in a food processor except for the egg whites (some of the lentils should stay whole, no need to grind them to a pulp). Take the mixture and pour into a medium bowl and add egg whites. Mix well. I divided into 8 small patties and placed them gently on my grill.

Grill them for about 15 minutes or until lightly browned,

let cool and EAT! If I do say so myself, they were pretty stinkin’ good. Not bad for some beans and basil :)

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